Common Areas

The Clubhouse has a lot of common areas available to guests from the Open Log Fire Lounge to the comfortable Garden Seating.  Our bar is always staffed with a smile and your drink of choice, however if you do have a specific request and we do not have it, let us know beforehand and we will make sure we have it ready for you.

Lounge:  This area has one of the best views of all the property, as it looks out over the 500yd firing point and the surrounding Surrey Forests.  There are comfortable Leather sofas to relax in, have a drink and chat.

Outside Seating:  There is space for over 50 people to be seated outside on comfortable seats and tables.  This is particularly good during the warmer months as you can enjoy the sun with a cool drink.

Bisley Bar

Bar:  Some might say that we left the best for last, however what better way to enjoy your day at the Artists Rifles Clubhouse with your drink of choice.   We offer a well stocked bar offering a variety of well known and less known local drinks.