Tactical Shooting Day

If you are looking for something truly unique and memorable for an event, then we highly suggest trying our popular Tactical Shooting Day.  During this discipline you will enjoy learning how to handle a Pistol and Rifle in a Tactical scenario.  The aim of these shooting practices is to have lots of fun by learning how to shoot a variety of guns safely, competently, accurately, quickly and competitively, in a variety of challenging scenarios.

Tactical Pistol

There is a tremendous amount of satisfaction to be gained from being able to handle a handgun safely, confidently and to shoot it accurately. However, UK law prohibits civilians handling real hand guns.

The Makarov CO2 powered handgun is the closest alternative to legally using a handgun. It looks, feels and functions like the real thing and enables civilians to be trained and gain practice in firing a hand gun legally. For safety reasons pistol shooting on a range has to be rigorously controlled therefore instruction and practice are first provided to enable the safe and competent handing of a pistol on the firing point.

These include instruction and practice on the commands to: ‘Load’, ‘Make Ready’, ‘Fire’, ‘Stop’, ‘Unload’, ‘Show Gun Clear’ and Stoppage Drills. The marksmanship principles are also taught and practiced, which will enable you to shoot more confidently and accurately at a static target.

After practicing on static paper targets you are put to the test in a competition which reveals who is the quickest to shoot 5 static clay pigeons (mounted on a frame).

Quick Draw Pistol Shoot  

This practice is conducted using an authentic looking semi-automatic CO2 powered airsoft ‘Glock’ pistol that fires 6mm plastic balls.  The electronic target equipment measures the speed in which an individual upon hearing a bleep can draw a pistol from a holster and engage a target instinctively (without aiming) from the “arms up surrender position”. Both speed and accuracy are tested.  Tuition and tips are provided on instinctive shooting by our instructors and guests will be surprised and delighted at how quickly they can learn to achieve a good draw time. This is a very popular shooting practice and guaranteed to generate lots of competitiveness, banter and laughs.

Engaging Multiple Targets with an Automatic Rifle

As though it wasn’t challenging enough to engage one target as quick as you can, what if you were suddenly confronted with 5 targets that light up randomly – the light on the target indicating the next assailant that is about to open fire on you. If it were for real could you take all 5 out and not shoot the innocent bystander / hostage amongst them before they shot you and your colleagues?

Our instructors will show you how using an AR-15 Airsoft automatic rifle that looks and feels like the real thing but perfectly safe.

All of our events will include some form of competition and we include prizes at the end of the day back at the Clubhouse.  This way you have something to show off when you return to the office!