Clay Shooting

Clay Pigeon Shooting is one of our most popular events and we offer a choice between Olympic Trap Shooting and Sporting Clay Shooting.  Whichever discipline you choose you can be sure that your group will have a most enjoyable time.

Olympic Trap Shooting:   Clay pigeon Skeet is an Olympic discipline. Clays are launched at high speed and at different angles to the participant. Targets fly for around 60 yards and the event simulates bird hunting.

Shooters take aim from 8 different locations and there is a delay of up to three seconds after the participant has called for the target. The pace is fast and furious, but with expert tuition, beginners can master the techniques.

Sporting Clay Shooting:  This event sees the clays being launched from any direction, even running across the floor to simulate game hunting.  As you progress from one shooting trap to another it gets more and more difficult.  However do not worry too much as you will have expert instruction with you at every turn.

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